As 'Consultants in Technology' we bring you a comprehensive line of services. Here are a few.

  1. Acoustical Studies and Room Noise Abatement

  2. Data Networks

  3. Control Systems

  4. Lighting and Theatrical Systems

  5. Observation Systems

  6. Sound Reinforcement Systems

  7. Telepresence Systems

  8. Video Presentation Systems

  9. Video Production Systems

  10. Voice/Video Conferencing Systems

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Christopher (Topper) Sowden, P.E.

We provide services for: 

  1. Airports

  2. Arenas

  3. Auditoriums

  4. Business / Corporate

  5. Broadcast Control

  6. Church / Synagogue

  7. Concert Halls

  8. Control Centers

  9. Convention Centers

  10. Court and Legal Facilities

  11. Data Centers

  12. Data Warehouses

  13. Educational Facilities

  14. Entertainment Attractions

  15. Stadiums / Sports Facilities

  16. Special Event Projects

  17. Theme Parks

  18. Worship Facilities